Food, glorious food!

It’s no secret that I like to eat. Nothing makes me happier than having people in my home with full hearts and bellies (I also like my own heart and belly to be full, so it’s a win win). I am very aware that food is something we are privileged prep on the daily and it’s not always a party and mostly, we can’t think of the thing to make to please all of the people living with us…. so, here you will find both simple yet tasty dishes to feed your family on a Wednesday night after soccer practice when the time has run out for thinking. You will also find some fabulous ideas for when it’s time to impress your guests. But don’t worry, I am by no means a chef or a food expert. I am, however, an excellent recipe finder and scour the interwebs far and wide to borrow other people’s excellent culinary skills (I always credit when it’s someone else’s idea). Sometimes I will tweak things to make them my own to match my taste and situation too. All these recipes are very simple and doable with your lack of time and energy in mind. But, you won’t find me scrimping on flavour and quality – remember, I like to eat, and I want it to be delicious…so here we go..let’s cook!