Hello friends!

I’m Jules – I’m so happy we have found each other – welcome to the site!

I have always had a love of beautiful things. Fashion, interiors, words, conversations, food and people. It might come as a huge surprise to some, but I started out my life wanting to run faster than the boys, wear socks and sneakers with every outfit and listen more than I spoke. I was the shy tomboy in class but I always had a fierce passion inside my bones that I wanted to do something special in this world and make beautiful things. So, I have followed my curiosity and creativity over my years of growing up and married the man of my dreams (can sing a song!), had two amazing baby boys (not babies anymore, but they’ll always be my babies), went to fashion school and worked my way up from Styling Assistant to Head Stylist of my own company (10 years of dressing people up!),  styled some of the world’s most fashionable and fun people (Mel B anyone?!), started in an MTV show, started my own online show and podcast (Tea With Jules) where I have connected with so many wonderful guests sharing their stories, founded The Sebastian Foundation (focusing on helping youth with mental health), became an Author (you can read all about my story in those pages – Tea & Honesty), walked on many red carpets, hosted many events,  became a fur baby Mama (hi Ronnie!), started showing people what I was cooking in my kitchen on Instagram through the pandemic and shared many a cocktail on a Friday night with the best online community there is. Who knew that the little girl riding her BMX would grow up to do all of that?

My dream is to inspire everyday people that life can be beautiful, (and challenging, overwhelming and up, down and all around), but ultimately beautiful. Whether we find ourselves entertaining friends and family, standing on the sidelines at our kids sport, holding space for deep conversation or just sitting down in stretchy pants with a good book and a cup of tea – we can make all of it our own slice of heaven for ourselves.

So, strap in for some good times over here! There will be lots of simple recipes to try, outfit inspo, books I am loving, cocktails to shake, conversations on the podcast with people you will love and products I have tried and tested.

I love that you are here. It makes me very, very happy to have you in my happy place.

All the love
Jules x