Strawberry Vanilla Spritz

Strawberry Vanilla Spritz 🥂 I’m 100% in my sparkling era and this spritz is lights out good! Fruity and sweet with the bubbles of the sparkling. Tell me, is there anything Licor 43 can’t do? Try this immediately x


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What you will need:

  • 15ml Licor 43
  • Sparkling wine
  • A Handful of strawberries
  • A Handful of ice
  • A Blitzer

 To garnish:

  • Strawberries




  • Add the strawberries to your whizzing device and blitz until smooth
  • Pour the strawberry puree into your desired glass with a handful of ice
  • Add the Licor 43 to your glass and top it up with sparkling
  • Add a strawberry to garnish
  • Serve and enjoy!