You time – the soul gift


You time. Me time. We time.

Whichever way you look at it or want to spend your time, having a little bit of time to yourself, is so good for the soul. We are all stretched to maximum capacity most of the time and it’s easy to forget that one of the most important people to look after in your life is….yourself!

Something I did earlier this year to give my soul a lift was I took myself to a book shop. I know it sounds so simple, but I love books, perusing through the isles and flipping through pages. It makes me so happy. I ended up getting 3 new books that day and I could have skipped home! It’s the little things we do for ourselves that sometimes make the biggest difference.

Once all the tasks are done for the day and my babies are fast asleep, I like to curl up with a TV show or movie, a cup of tea and r-e-l-a-x. Blissful, uninterrupted, me time. My happiest place (no offence anyone!).

I took a minute to ask some of my best girlfriends what they do for themselves. They were so brilliant I just had to share!

‘Brewing an actual pot of tea… Real tea!!! Also, driving to the country and taking my dogs for a bush walk up in the hills’

‘Taking a really hot bath with lots of bubbles. Closing the door, turning on my fav music, lighting candles and zoning out’

‘Mood boarding my future sustainable Alpaca farm’ (this is a real life answer)

‘Exercise….na just kidding. Food. Eating all of the food’


A hot uninterrupted cup of tea by myself on the couch, reading or watching Mad Men. (mother of twins boys!)

‘Turning my phone off’

‘Apart from snapchat filters….cooking and hiking mountain tracks’

‘Acai berry bowl at the beach by myself!! Oh and a massage’

‘Getting a pedicure or a massage followed by a coffee from a nice cafe and browse through a book shop’

‘Taking time to create things and little breaks just for me (might be a day at the movies by myself or a weekend away)’

‘The gift to my soul is lighting candles, sitting on my balcony and reading a book’


You can tell why these girls are my friends right?! We all do the same thing!

Let me know what you do with your ‘you time’ in the comments below – I might even steal some of the ideas for myself…

If you are wondering what that delicious looking bowl of yummy looking goodness is in my pics, it is Rachel’s Dessert Yoghurt. That particular one is salted caramel flavoured and it is as scrumptious as it sounds! I’ve topped it with some edible rose petals, to make it look extra pretty. It’s a cheeky little treat for those days I am also treating my soul!

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Enjoy! x

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