Winter Skin Care Tips

Ahhhh winter! Remind me why we love it again?! I can name a few things that I do love about the cooler months….electric blankets, open fire and endless warm mugs of tea. On the flip side we are talking…soggy umbrella’s, freezing Saturday mornings watching soccer and dry, chapped skin! Although I can’t do much to help your umbrella watching soccer situation, I can however, offer some fun facts on keeping your skin silky smooth and soft in the winter months. Keep hydrated. Sometimes drinking a bottle of water while you’re trying to keep warm is the last thing you feel like doing, but drinking water is so good for our skin. The reason we should drink it by the litre is because water will reach other organs in the body before it reaches the skin. So, the more the merrier. Hydrating the skin helps reduce wrinkles too. It’s a win, win!   Dry hands? Me too! Maybe it’s a mum thing, but I am constantly washing my hands (aka, doing the dishes). This of course is great for killing the bacteria but not great to keep the moisture in. Solution? Lather the moisturiser like it’s going out of business! I keep a giant bottle of voeu body lotion next to the sink in the bathroom so whenever I wash my hands or get out of the shower, I can easily access the pump and give my body a good once over. During the day I always come back to the pump for some extra moisture love. Here is an extra tip for free…when your hands are particularly dry, load up the moisturiser then go to sleep with some cotton gloves on. You might feel like a magician, but trust me the magic is in the moisture. You will be so impressed with how your hands heal after a few nights. Your money maker. Ok, maybe not your money maker, but most definitely the thing that most people look at on a daily basis – your beautiful face! I know in winter my face can tend to feel quite tight and dry. Finding a great facial moisturiser that goes on in the am then again in the evening is a God send. It is so important that you can get about your day and not have to think about the skin on your face cracking or peeling. I love this voeu facial moisturiser because it goes on in seconds, sinks into the skin then the rest is make up and fabulousness.                     * Sponsored post for voeu Skincare from Woolworths

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