What to wear when the weather is up, down and all around…

Spring can be a tricky one to figure out what to wear. The sun can pop out in all it’s glory then slip behind an angry grey cloud to shower us with sideways rain. The wind can sweep us off the sidewalk and sometimes you don’t know if you should bring your umbrella, bathing suit or a light cashmere sweater to battle the elements.

Here are some tips for dressing for the unpredictable spring weather.

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1.  Always keep an umbrella at hand. I like to keep one in the boot of my car and one on the coat rack at the front door to grab if the weather decides to turn just as you leave the house.

2.  Layer your clothing. This way you can peel off, or put on according to the temperature change. A shirt dress layered with a floor length coat is one way to layer and if you keep the colours light and bright, you don’t feel like you are in the depths of winter.

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3.  Shoes can be a little bit challenging in spring. Here are some shoe options:

– A heavy duty sandal with a thick sole and big buckles to make a statement.

– A pair of lifestyle trainers. Keep them shiny bright white (to go with everything) or branch out with a multicoloured pair.

– If you can’t do flats, then opt for a pair of strappy sandal heels. You will still have the height with a little more stability. If you want to keep your toes dry, put on a pair of pumps in a pastel colour.

4.  Bring supplies in your handbag! Supplies such as a hair brush, for those windswept moments, some face powder and brush to apply incase of rain, some sunscreen for protection from the rays and a light scarf to wrap around your neck or shoulders on a crisp evening.

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S H I R T  D R E S S / Búl

C O A T / Brunello Cucinelli from The Outnet

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