Westfield Sydney x Vivid


For anyone who has been to vivid in the past, you know it is an absolute must see. The city of Sydney literally lights up and comes alive with people coming to see the spectacular sights. Another must see part of vivid are the installations at Westfield, Pitt Street Mall.

 The theme of the installations is ‘When we were kids..’ transforming our shopping experience into a wonderland of memories of games we use to play as children. Remember Barrel of Monkeys? Yup! This installation will blow you away with the giant barrel and cute, colorful moneys literally swinging from the rooftops. A snakes and ladders game stretches over 3 floors of the center with lights lighting up the snakes slithering up and down the ladders.

snakes and ladders


 And sometimes, you have to let your inner child shine through, just like I did on the ice rink in Myer just across the mall from Westfield. Torvill and Dean eat your heart out! You got nothing on my twirls.


 All in all, this is the perfect family outing. If you have little ones like me and don’t want to bring them out too late at night, Westfield is open during the day so you can wonder through and let the kids discover the installations. Pop over for a skate on the ice then feed them dinner at the amazing food court with family friendly offerings and have them in their beds at a reasonable hour. Sounds like the perfect outing to me!



 To make it all the more convenient, there is even valet parking for those visiting the festival by car.

 If you want to find out more information about the vivid installations at Westfield Sydney, just go to the westfield.com.au

 Make sure you come and check out all the fun!


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