Welcome to my blog!

welcome-mat_210 Hello there! Welcome to my new blog and website! It’s no secret that one of my guilty pleasures is spending hours trawling through inspirational blogs looking at fantastic examples of creativity, inspirational men and women and of course, the latest fashion trends, so I’m very excited to finally (!) launch into the world with my very own blog. I’ll be updating this with the latest from my life as a stylist, wife and mother. If you’re not already connecting with me on social media please check out my official Facebook page, get my latest updates on Twitter and Instagram and follow my fashion and life mood boards on my official Pinterest page. Please feel free to drop me a line here with any posts or topics you’d like to see featured on this blog and if you have a product or service you’d like to put forward for editorial consideration please contact my team here. Hope you enjoy my blog – as much as I enjoy putting it together! Jules x

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