Vienna diary…


 It’s no secret that we had an amazing time in Vienna at Eurovision. Here are some of the street shots I managed to capture amongst the madness. We spent most of our trip in Vienna then travelled a day through Salzburg then drove to Munich for a day. So many fun moments and literally everything was a photo!

If you ever get the chance to go to Vienna – go! It is absolutely stunning and just walking the streets was so inspiring – I felt like I was in some sort of Sound of Music dream!

I hope you enjoy my pics and adventures!


IMG_7216_Fotor IMG_7583_Fotor IMG_8026_Fotor IMG_7443_Fotor IMG_7410_Fotor IMG_7996_Fotor IMG_8074_Fotor IMG_7244_Fotor IMG_7319_Fotor IMG_7985_Fotor IMG_7561_Fotor   IMG_7654_Fotor IMG_7606_Fotor IMG_7374_Fotor IMG_7954_Fotor IMG_7314_Fotor IMG_8157_Fotor IMG_7356_Fotor IMG_7330_Fotor IMG_8180_Fotor

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