They just get me.


I’m making this little blog post all about people who just get me.

Being a girl who loves to try new things, take chances and change my mind A LOT, I have the most ridiculously understanding friends and team around me who catch me when I fall, listen when I need and come along for the ride of life.

Without a magnificent team (both past and present) I am completely unable to do all the things I do in a day without completely loosing my mind.

So, to everyone who has ever encouraged me, asked me to be involved, taken care of my children, come to the rescue, made me look passable in a picture, been there through thick and thin, been a part of the team, assisted on projects, sent gifts, answered urgent emails, believed in my visions, gone above and beyond and taken chances – I am forever and truly grateful.

Make sure you share your love to the people who are your people.


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