The only way is Up!

Dont-Forget-Pinterest I’ve been styling my gorgeous friend Samantha Jade for the past four years – and can I just say this girl gets more and more beautiful every time I see her! I first met Sammi about four years ago – actually Guy met her first on a random work trip almost a decade ago – but we really bonded when we were both living in Los Angeles. We have a mutual friend – Zac – who’s a great photographer and he wanted to take some shots for his portfolio. Well Sammi was there, I was there, so was Zac – so it made sense that I’d style her for this shoot for a bit of fun, and we had SO much fun… things could only go up from here!
Jules-Rack Recently (while heavily pregnant with my son Archer) I was asked to style Sammi for her latest cover photo shoot and music video for her catchy song Up! (Buy it on iTunes here). The brief for both was glamour and fun – but when you’re working with someone like Sammi it’s hard for it not to be fun! For her single cover we tried a few different outfits but the winning look was a sexy nude slip. We wrapped her in almost three metres of cream-coloured ostrich feather boa I bought from the legendary Photios Brothers which gave the photo a really classically beautiful look. Jules-Sam-Jade
  When it came to the music video – the brief was literally for everyone to have the best night ever! Sammi would start the day shopping and dining with her best friend Amanda and then meet up with more friends throughout the day before joining together for a big street party. [youtube] For the looks of the day I dressed Sammi in a variety of different outfits – she started the day in a white and black Navarra corset from Misha Collection and a neon pink mini skirt by Bless’ed Are The Meek with shoes by ZU and some accessories from Colette by Colette Hayman … that look really kicked off the fun Sammi was having while we shot at the beautiful Watson’s Bay. Adjust As the day went on it was time for Sammi to change into a new more night-time look with a beautiful white dress from Tattoo and a really fun leopard print fur jacket from Bardot as we filmed a girly makeover scene inside the benefit store in Paddington. Another quick outfit change saw Sammi change into a stunning asphalt-coloured metallic dress also by Tattoo and two-tone fur vest by MLM. Her friend Amanda changed into a super sexy black dress also by MLM with a necklace by Colette. Sam-Jade-UP-Pics Finally it was time for the party to really go to the next level – the UP  street party! Her last look for the clip involved a dazzling gold glitter dress from Tattoo – Sammi is the sort of girl that looks great in anything but this outfit really got the party started.   Steal The Look Check out my Pinterest page here for an exclusive board on the looks in Sammi’s video clip and photo shoot so you can steal the look!

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