Tea with Jules with Rachael Finch

Rachael Finch is former Miss Universe Australia, fashion model, mother, wife, entrepreneur and all round loveliness.

Rachael truly practices what she preaches. I have know her for a few years now and have loved watching her career and personal life blossom into what it is now. Her wisdom, insight and down to earth passion for a healthy whole life inspired me so much during our chat – she has that effect!

Rachael defines happiness as being 100% content in any given moment. Not searching for more, not dwelling on the past – completely enjoying what is happening now. I love this attitude.

Rachael tells me her love story, shares some tips on resetting her body everyday and how to live a ‘full’ not ‘stressful’ life.

What would her 15 year old self tell her current self?….find out what she said in this episode!

Grab ya cuppa – this is a goodie!

Enjoy x

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