Tea with Jules with Entrepreneur and Shark Tank star, Naomi Simson


I could actually sit and talk to Naomi Simson all. day. long. She is an absolute hoot and a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. Naomi is not just a business woman who dominates the online space (erhm.. 2 million followers on LinkedIn), she is a newly wed, a mother and a television star – anyone watching Shark Tank?!. Phew!

 Naomi started the online experience gift destination redballoon.com.au from her lounge room and cemented her position as an entrepreneur to be reckoned with.

Her motto is “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”. I love this. Naomi says you can’t point the blame on anyone else. If something is not how you want it, then it’s up to you to make the change, nobody else. It’s confronting and sobering advice, but something I will be applying to my own life from hear on out. It’s my new motto…and Naomi is my new BFF.

During our interview, Naomi offers my viewers with a passion for their business and future some real and invaluable advice.

 Have passion – You need passion, that’s the energy that really rives you.

Be persistent – You have to be persistent. You have to stick it out – nothing happens overnight.

Be positive – You have to be positive, and see the upside of everything

Have purpose – It’s not about just you, but ask yourself, how do you contribute to others? When you contribute to others, you make the world a better place. And it doesn’t’ seem like work!

This interview is one of my absolute favorites to date on Tea with Jules. So much so, I think I’ll start wearing RED a whole lot more!

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 Now, go and get your cuppa!

Enjoy x

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