TEA WITH JULES with Angela Ceberano on anxiety, entrepreneurship and miscarriage

Angela Ceberano has been my friend for over a decade. We first met when my husband Guy signed to the music label BMG (later becoming Sony Music) after winning the very first Australian Idol! Ange was his assigned publicist at the label. The first thing I noticed about Ange was her Hollywood actress looks and her kind nature. I was very new to the world of the public eye, so anybody who showed me genuine kindness and was down to earth, I clung to! We grew closer over the years and it has been a pleasure to watch Ange blossom into the business mogul she is today.

With all her music industry and PR knowledge, she decided to start her own agency. She named it Flourish. She and her team handle huge clients on all things publicity and branding. She has also recently released her very own range of candles called Marco and Co. which she lovingly named after her beautiful horse Marco. As a busy entrepreneur and working woman, Ange has had her fair share of challenges.

Earlier this year, her husband Phil and her went through a heart wrenching miscarriage. She was brave enough to share her thoughts and feelings around that in our chat. Running your own business, juggling staff, a marriage and all that goes in between has lead Ange to take some time to reflect, pause and really take head of what is important in life. Her mission is to inspire but to also encourage people to find a lifestyle that is right for them. This includes rest and doing things you love. S

he believes it feeds your soul and fuels your passions. I couldn’t agree more.

This is Angela Ceberano for Tea with Jules.

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