Tea with Jules – The Podcast


The people have spoken and I have listened!

After many DM’s, messages and comments from you guys, I am taking the leap to make Tea with Jules into a podcast! This is a little snap of me yesterday recording all he bits and bobs to get it to you asap. ALAS – don’t be alarmed, my YouTube channel will still bring the visuals of all of my wonderful guests. 

I am almost set for the next series and I am SO excited for you to tune in and be inspired by these conversations. My guests are incredible and we go deep on the topics of self confidence, self worth and success. What I took away from every chat is that no matter who a person is, or what they do, everyone struggles with confidence at some point in life. It’s how you deal with it and rise above it that makes all the difference. 

I’m feeling so inspired right now and can’t wait to share everything that I have been up to. I’ll keep you updated on everything as it rolls out.

Sending love,

Jules x

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