Tea with Jules – Rae Morris


Last night saw the launch of my brand new venture, Tea With Jules. The concept behind it is to sit down with inspirational people and let them tell their stories of triumph, challenges, road blocks and achievements.

Within my own friendship circle, I am kind of known for my home being a place to come to for a cup of tea and chat on the couch.

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I love listening to peoples stories on how they started out on their life journey and ended up where they are now. So, I started to reach out to some over-achieving type friends I have in the fashion, music and entertainment industry to see if they might like to sit down and have a chat. This is how Tea With Jules was born.

My first friend to join me on the couch is none other than the legendary Make Up Artist, Rae Morris. Not only is she a super skilled talent and entrepreneur, she is a warm, honest and raw human with amazing stories and open heart to share. I loved hearing her journey and I’m more than sure you will too. You can watch it below.

Stay tuned for some more awesome and inspiring people to join me on the couch. Amongst the guest’s so far is Samantha Jade, Guy Sebastian and Pip Edwards (and plenty more!)- make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss anything!

Once again thank you to everyone for all your continued support of my ventures. I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without you all! x

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