Tea With Jules – Justine Cullen – Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Australia


Sometimes you meet a person you feel like you already know. I had met Justine Cullen, Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Magazine Australia once before our interview on a panel we both sat on at FBI Fashion Collage. We were amongst a fine company of women who all work in the fashion industry and were giving advice to the students on how to get into the industry. As I sat with her that day, I felt like already knew her because, many moons ago Justine was the Editor of  Shop Til You Drop magazine. That was the magazine that introduced me to my obsession with fashion and taught me about brands, labels, models and photographers.  I loved reading Justine’s fun and informative Editor’s letters each month and I pay her some of the credit for me pursuing my career in the way I did.  Her written voice from all those years ago, is just as familiar to me as her spoken one on this episode of Tea With Jules. She is just as I had imagined and oh so pretty.

Justine has weaved her way up to the top of the ladder of fashion magazines all the while juggling  motherhood (3 boys!), marriage , and being a #girlboss.

You will be inspired by this interview to work hard and keep your eyes on your dreams. Justine Cullen is a fashion force to be reckoned with!

Pic by Michael Naumoff and Captain and the Gypsy Kid

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