TEA WITH JULES – Ben Higgs, the battle with mental health and how we can make change

‘There’s no shame in asking for a hand. Accepting that you need help and asking for it is the brave part. Giving someone a hand is just as brave.’ Ben Higgs

Welcome back to Tea with Jules 2020. We continue on with the brave series, learning that bravery comes in all kinds of forms. Ben Higgs is the founder of The Rise Foundation. A foundation that exists to educate and teach the everyday practical tools we can use so people no longer have to suffer with mental illness or poor mental health.

I have seen close up how serious mental health can be, so I do not treat this subject lightly. Neither does Ben. He sees his role to be an educational light to those suffering and those living with people suffering. Even though he has experienced his own battles, he does not think he is the poster child for mental health, nor does he want to be. He simply sees there are hurting people who need help to get through their days and has put up his hand to do what he can.

With mental health becoming a subject we are increasing facing head on and many men and women are embracing their struggles openly and publicly, we are normalising issues that were once seen as a weakness. That is the point of this chat. To hit this head on. To gather as communities and rally together to see change. I hope you will get some practical, helpful tools from Ben to be on the look out for cracks in the perfect persona people put together and start asking the simple questions of Are you ok? And how can I help?

Here is a link to Ben’s foundation and other helpful facilities in the show notes if you need to reach out. There is always someone there, no matter how you feel.

The Rise Foundation

Beyond Blue


Black Dog Institute


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