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Heroine Chic (or Why You Should Always Look In The Mirror Before Leaving The House)

Let my crazy mistake be a lesson to all of us ladies out there (and even the gents!) – ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS double check in the mirror before you step out the door (triple check, check with everyone in the house before you leave!!!). I bought this awesome tee from one of my new fav labels, Jaggar, to wear for the first day of my appearance at Beautiful You – the shirt had in bold writing across the front the word HEROINE, as in Super Woman Extraordinaire, We Run the World, Girl Hero, You Can Do it Girls! I thought it was an empowering statement to all the super women out there that rule.
Heroine Chic

Left: Heroin(e) Chic (Photo: Kenny) and Right: What the shirt actually said (Photo: Jaggar)

But, in my innocence (ok, blondness), I did the farrshion thing and balanced my leather jacket across my shoulders and power walked my way into that event, neglecting to notice that my jacket had strategically covered the last E in the word HEROINE. Without that vital letter to finish off that word…it becomes a word that I would very much not like to promote let alone sprawl it across my chest! Needless to say – MORTIFIED and an outfit change was immediate. Apologies to anyone who saw me stomping around with all the confidence in the world – I was trying to make a point that girls are amazing. FAIL! (but I still believe that girls are amazing)  

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