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Profit for Purpose

Song Kitchen YMCA NSW

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You all know I’m a big believer in kindness. Being kind is simple and can make a huge difference in the lives of people around you. One of the reasons Guy and I started The Sebastian Foundation is because we are passionate about demonstrating kindness. We are especially passionate about creating a positive impact in the lives of families experiencing serious illness, domestic violence or those living in underprivileged situations.

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Music is Therapy

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At The Sebastian Foundation we are committed to helping families in need. We believe in the power of the family unit and are passionate about seeing the family bond strong and stable.

 As some of you might know, Guy and I have two little boys. Hudson and Archer. They are the light of our lives and most precious to us. We are so lucky that they are healthy little humans and other than them being born, we have not had to visit a hospital with them. I am grateful on a daily basis for their health and can only imagine how life altering it would be for us as a family if one of them took seriously ill.

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A beauty routine essential

Palmolive Rose

I’ve always been one for a morning and evening beauty routine. I’ve said time and time again that the one thing I have never let slide since becoming a mother is time for ‘getting ready’ in the morning. I have always found a way – even if that means piling the kids into the bathroom for a sometimes ‘colourful’ half an hour, I have stuck to my guns and never missed a morning. To me, it’s important to start my day feeling good, and, showering, moisturising, doing my hair and putting on my face, is the best start to a productive day. I know it sounds so simple, but it’s one of those things that boosts my happiness! Body moisturising is one thing I will never go without. It’s a step in my routine that I know my skin thanks me for – here’s why I’m doing it and you should too!

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Member of the Tribe

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I came across Teff Tribe when I was invited to a dinner to launch the product. I attended, ate myself into oblivion, discovered an awesome new healthy substitute to rice (can I get an amen?) and met the people behind the brand whose ethos is small things matter. That every little bit we do help someone else, matters. Needless to say, they had me at hello.

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Giving Back is always in style

Welcome to the ‘Giving Back’ section of my blog, it’s a destination for me to shine a light on the brands, business and individuals who are doing their part to give back to others. No matter how big or small, it all counts. Every last piece of generosity will count for some change.


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MYER Carols in the City.


Last year Guy and I started The Sebastian Foundation and our mission is to help families in need. This year, our annual Carols in the City event announced that MYER has come on board as our sponsor, which we couldn’t be happier about! Guy and I visited MYER in Pitt Street Mall to make the announcement where Guy put on a wonderful show for all the lovely people who came out. We welcome anybody who would love to come and join the MYER Carols in the City presented by the Sebastian Foundation on the 14th of December 2014. Tickets from Ticketek.

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Doing some good in the 'hood…

Last weekend we had the pleasure of revealing an exciting project The Sebastian Foundation has been working on over the past 6 months – a brand new playground for the Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre in the Blue Mountains. As we all know, the Blue Mountains suffered terribly over the past year because of the bush fires that hit in October 2013. As a result, 186 homes were lost in the Winmalee, Yellow Rock and Springwood area. On the day of the fires and for the weeks following it sent the community into a 10 day long battle of fear, anxiety, disruption, impaired sleep and total physical exhaustion. Thankfully, the Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) began its support of the families and residents in their community as soon as the fires hit and kept their doors open continuously for 8 weeks straight organising clothes, food, toiletries,, linen and practical items. The centre became and continues to be a place of refuge for all those affected. The Manager (or Angel of Winmalee – as the residences refer to her as) of the (WNC), Morna Colbran, has spent tireless and countless amounts of hours at the centre, making it a place where the community can find counselling and any other life needs they may have. She is a hard worker and given up so much of herself to make provide happiness for others. We thought it was only fitting to honour this wonderful woman and name the playground ‘Morna’s Playground’ after her. We at The Sebastian Foundation saw a need at the centre, a bare yard with nowhere for the children to go an be entertained while their parents were seeking help and counselling. Having our own children, Guy and I know the importance of having a place for them to run in the sunshine, exert energy and have fun. We thought, what better way to inject some fun and brightness into the families of this community than to build a playground for them to enjoy. This is a central place for families to come and the centre plays such an integral role in the lives of so many. We are honoured to be a part of such a beautiful initiative and are so grateful to the donations of the public to our foundation which has enabled us to build this playground. Our reveal on Saturday was an amazing day! We had our fantastic ambassador Sam Moran come and sing a few songs followed by the lovely Guy Sebastian who belted out a few tunes too. It was so great to have so many smiling faces come to say hello and to support the foundation. The best and most rewarding part of the day was seeing all the kids playing on the playground and the adults enjoying the parents retreat. The sun was shining and it was so fun meeting everyone who came out for the day! Once again – it is because of the generosity of everyone who donates to The Sebastian Foundation that allows us to help families and communities like this. We are forever grateful for all the support. If you would like to make a donation so we can continue to help families please head to  Jules x

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