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Hivita Liquivita for kids!

Late last year you might have seen a post I put up about HIVITA Liquivita for grownups. So many of you asked if there was one for kids….the answer is YES!

As mama of two busy boys I am very conscious ofgiving them their best chance at being strong and healthy. Along with being super active and eating a balanced diet I love to add Hivita Liquivita for Kids into their daily routine to fill the nutritional gaps.

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Focus on health

Over the last few years, as most of you who have been following along will attest to, I have really been prioritising my health. Committing to exercise on a regular basis, drinking lots of water, getting more sleep, working less hours, making time for more fun, spending quality time with my family and having a good skincare routine have all contributed to a more balanced, and all round healthier way of life. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels, my mood is better and I just feel like a better human!

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