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Six packing tips for an easy holiday.

Need some simple tricks of the travel trade? Heading overseas for a short trip and want the packing to be as smooth as a Qantas landing?

I have done my fair share of travelling over the years and have learnt some things the hard way. I’ve even left my passport at home and managed to make it home and back to the airport again before my plane took off!

Some travel blunders are completely not your fault (unlike said passport disaster), so it’s good to be extra prepared for all the ‘just in cases’ that travelling can throw your way.

I’ve put together my six top travel packing tips to help make getting ready for your holiday a lot more fun and stress free. I’m off on a trip myself this week, so I’ll be checking in on my own post to make sure I don’t miss a thing. Make sure you read right to the end so you can see the check list for carry on baggage!

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