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TEA WITH JULES – Alex Perilli on faith, coming out and finding himself.

Alex Perilli

My friend of over 3 decades, Alex Perilli joins me for this deeply connected conversation today. As some of you know about me, I grew up in a Pentecostal church in Adelaide. It’s a place that I hold very dear to me. It’s a place that helped mould me into the human I am today. The environment set me up with strong values and morals and a connection with God that I cherish and call upon daily. For me, it was a wonderfully positive experience where I made life long friends and even met my future husband!

It is in this church that I met Alex. A life of the party, talented and all round awesome guy. He is magnetic, kind, thoughtful and fun. We were instant friends (albeit – we were 5!), and have remained close since then. Unbeknownst to myself and our close knit community of friends, Alex was in a battle we never saw – a struggle with his sexuality.

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