Sophie Dillman shares her life mission on Tea with Jules

Sophie Dillman is the real deal. A true salt of the earth kind of gal. I got to know Sophie sweating it out in the gym. Through our training I came to see that Sophie has a passion to influence others in a positive way. Body positivity has become her message. Rising to fame through her character Ziggy on Home & Away, she has had to learn, and sometimes the hard way, to accept and truly love herself. With so many eyes on her on and off the camera, Sophie’s hope is that women will look to her as a fit and strong girl who enjoys a balanced lifestyle.

Sophie shares with me stories from her upbringing, her career as a nurse and the day her life changed forever when she landed a role on one of the most popular shows on Australian television.

I know from hanging out with Sophie in everyday life, that she exudes a joyful and warm spirit and you can’t help but smile when you are around her. I absolutely loved having her for tea and I hope that her message speaks to you where you are at right now. If you think a friend would love to hear our chat, please pass on the link or send them over to my blog.

Go grab your cuppa and tune in right now.


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