Shoes of Prey – Design your own shoes!


Ever wanted to design your own shoes? Well…here’s your chance! This genius site, Shoes of Prey allows you to create the shoe of your dreams in 3 easy steps.


1. Choose your shape (12 to choose from)


IMG_26422. Choose your colour (over 170 fabrics and textures)


3. Tell them where you want them delivered and they will be there within 4 weeks! Done and dusted.


I was invited by Jodie Fox (the delightful owner of the brand) to attend the opening of the brand new Shoes of Prey pop up store in Bondi Junction. I had the challenge of designing a shoe to match a gown in under 3 mins…I buckled badly under the pressure and managed to design one of the worst shoes I’ve ever seen in my life!!! Not my finest moment, but fun none the less.


Jump onto the site or visit the lovely girls Bondi Junction store to be in shoe heaven!

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