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Some of you might have already watched this episode of Samantha Wills on the channel, but here it is again in podcast form!

Samantha Wills is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. The first time I met her I was asked to style her for the cover of The Collective magazine. I was already a wreck with nerves come the day of shooting, but Samantha made the day so easy with her down to earth nature and cool, casual approach. Not to mention, the girl looks good in ANYTHING!

Samantha is someone I have always wanted to have on Tea with Jules, and when I heard she was in town (she lives part time in New York city!), I jumped at the chance to gather her pearls of wisdom. She didn’t disappoint. Samantha is an inspiration to not only budding entrepreneurs but any woman who wants to be brave in life and business. She explains that kindness and assertiveness can co-exist (yay!) and that authenticity and empathy makes a great leader.

We talk about how she believes that the force is female and how we as women can contribute to that force. She is kind, funny, passionate and BOSS. You don’t want to miss this. If you have a fellow friend who, let’s face it – owns at least one Samantha Wills piece, and you think might like to hear from the girl herself, why don’t you send her the link to the interview? I’m sure they would love to hear what Samantha has to say, as I’m sure you do.

Now, go ahead – go get your cuppa and join the conversation. Please leave your comments if you loved the chat. I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy! x

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For the visuals…because Samantha is also a pretty face…here is the video

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