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Song Kitchen YMCA NSW

Image credit: Song Kitchen

You all know I’m a big believer in kindness. Being kind is simple and can make a huge difference in the lives of people around you. One of the reasons Guy and I started The Sebastian Foundation is because we are passionate about demonstrating kindness. We are especially passionate about creating a positive impact in the lives of families experiencing serious illness, domestic violence or those living in underprivileged situations.

So, when we see other initiatives and organisations setup to support people in the community we are quick to cheer them on and shine a light on what they are doing to change the world around them.

Recently I discovered Song Kitchen, a licensed cafe based in Sydney’s inner city Wentworth Avenue that’s part of the YWCA NSW refurbishment of Song Hotel.

The menu is Mediterranean-inspired, the wine list is top-notch, the coffee is great, and the styling is smick. Overall the experience is pretty amazing.

Song Kitchen YMCA NSW

Image credit: Song Kitchen

But, I think the part that makes this place really special is the purpose behind the profit. Or as YWCA calls it ‘Profit for Purpose’. Every dollar you spend makes a difference with 100% of profits from Song Kitchen going directly to YWCA NSW programs and services, supporting women and children escaping domestic violence. That’s worth supporting.

“Most importantly when you eat at Song Kitchen you are helping to make a difference. All our profits fund important projects run by the YWCA NSW to support victims of domestic violence. So it’s good food for a good cause.” YMCA NSW, Song Kitchen.

I believe business can do good. Being kind can be part of creating positive social impact within our communities. It’s great to see a growing movement of people who are dedicated to serving the community and placing kindness at the heart of what they do. In this case, Song Kitchen has yummy and delicious food backed by a great cause. Why wouldn’t you want to support that?! If you’re a Sydneysider make sure you check them out here. If you’re visiting from further afield why not check out the Song Hotels to make your stay count. Are you part of an initiative, business or organisation that’s doing something to positively impact the lives of others? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment and spread the kindness.

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