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Being a mum of 2, and one that likes to shower, drink hot tea and travel on planes and in cars in peace with my kids, I have found that engaging and educational apps can be a savior at times for a moment of quiet! A few months ago I was asked to become the ambassador for an app called PlayKids and so, to decide whether to personally represent the app, I started investigating and found – to my surprise – that I already had the PlayKids app on my phone! I realised it was the same app that my 3 year old Hudson already really enjoyed playing with.

With all the controversy that is around kids, technology and health these days, it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to apps especially what apps you let your kids use. What I really like about the PlayKids app is that is educational as well as entertaining. Hudson is able to learn his colours, shapes, drawing, counting, do matching games, complete jigsaws, learn about animals, read stories and listen to music. He has honestly learned things from the app that I have not taught him!

The entertaining part of the app includes much loved shows like Sesame Street, Guess How Much I Love You, Mister Maker, Thomas the Tank,  Fireman Sam, The Wiggles and so many more. The best part for me (from an adult who regularly suffers bill shock) you download everything to your phone when you subscribe, and so you don’t use your data up while you are out and about. The other great thing, is that by having the content in the app and not having to get it on a website, your kids are not wandering off into the dark forests of the internet and stumbling across things you don’t want them to be watching! The app is updated regularly, so they are not watching or learning the same things over and over. There is lots of variety to capture the attention of toddlers – which is great for parents of toddlers, am I right fellow parents?

In saying this and even though I’m fully supportive of introducing technology to children, I am a full advocate for kids experiencing all aspects of life including playing outdoors and with traditional toys too. We are a super active family and are always off on an adventure with the boys. I’m as passionate about my kids being fully involved in all aspects of life including sports, social interaction with other kids and adults, outdoor activities, indoor activities and participating in everything we do as a family. I want to raise well-rounded, happy kids just like the rest of the parents out there!

Technology is something that is inescapable in this day and age, it is everywhere we turn and only increasing in popularity. With iPad’s becoming a normal inclusion in classrooms in school, I feel like it is something we have to accept as a part of our kids lives growing up. Just like when it comes to what we put in our bodies, technology can form part of a balanced diet for kids. But as parents we are responsible both for how much our kids use, and what our kids are using, so I encourage anyone looking to use safe, educational and engaging apps for their kids, to do your research, still be close by when they are using devices, limit their time usage, and be across everything they are watching and taking in, plus you might just learn something new – I’m pretty sure I did too!

To learn more about the Playkids app, check it out here


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