How to relax…

Sass & Bide

I’m not good a relaxing. I’m a doer. I do things. Constantly. Do. Do. Do. I’m a calm human, but I find it really hard to sit my butt down! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends how you look at it!), there is always something to be done. A woman’s work is never finished, like, never. So, something I’m working on, is relaxing! As ridiculous as it might seem, sometimes we have to schedule in time to do, well, nothing!  Relaxing is vital to our well being. Our bodies minds and spirits benefit from taking a little bit of time to refocus, rejuvenate and zen out. Here are some hot tips on doing some little things to relax! And relax….it doesn’t take up too much time!

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A dress for every occasion and every budget.


It’s that time of year! Parties around every corner, celebrations galore and of course the big one…Christmas Day. If you are on the hunt for a frock to cover every occasion and every budget, this post is for you. Feast your eyes on some gorgeous get ups to get you through the silly season!

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Tea with Jules with James Mathison

James Mathison has graced Australian television for the past 15 years. I first met James as the co-host of Australian Idol in 2003 and have loved watching his career and life flourish. Not only is he a hilarious human he is passionate for what he believes in. James shares a cup of tea and his story with me in this fun episode of Tea with Jules .

Enjoy! x

james mathison

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My Career Story

Ivy College

I’ve never been the girl who always knew what she wanted to do with her life. I’ve always wished I was, but it just wasn’t my path. So, how do you know what your path is, when to stray from it, (or when to throw away the map entirely and create your own?) Ivy College challenged me to tell my career story, so today I will talk about my unique career path; including some surprising facts about myself! I hope that it will give everyone some insights and inspire you to reach for your goals!

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It's black. It's white.


The black and white combo would have to be my all time favourite fashion go to. It’s classic, clean, smart, simple and in my opinion, will never go out of style.

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1 couch 3 different ways

If you are a fan of Tea with Jules, you will notice we have been a little bit sneaky with the couch our guests sit on! We’ve used the same couch on a lot of the sets but put a spin on the styling of it in 3 different ways.


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There is another way…

There is another way...

One of the most asked questions I get as a stylist is from Mums who just don’t know what to do about the ‘style vs comfort’ dilemma . I truly believe that you do not have to sacrifice one for the other and there is most definitely another way than reaching for the same old pair of leggings and tank top you have come to know and love.

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They just get me.


I’m making this little blog post all about people who just get me.

Being a girl who loves to try new things, take chances and change my mind A LOT, I have the most ridiculously understanding friends and team around me who catch me when I fall, listen when I need and come along for the ride of life.

Without a magnificent team (both past and present) I am completely unable to do all the things I do in a day without completely loosing my mind.

So, to everyone who has ever encouraged me, asked me to be involved, taken care of my children, come to the rescue, made me look passable in a picture, been there through thick and thin, been a part of the team, assisted on projects, sent gifts, answered urgent emails, believed in my visions, gone above and beyond and taken chances – I am forever and truly grateful.

Make sure you share your love to the people who are your people.


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Shop the look


Tea with Jules fans listen up! Thanks to you can now shop the look straight from the set of Tea with Jules.

I am loving this bright and cheerful set up. Colour is an amazing way to bring life to your home. Mixing neutral tones with brighter shades can balance out the colour palette. Here are some tips on making colourful decisions in your own home.

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Stress and Busy are not a medal of honour.


Have you ever bumped into someone who is so busy and stressed out that they can’t help but tell you all about it? Or, sometimes they don’t need to tell you all about it, it’s written all over their face and body. They are highly strung, can’t focus, are always rushing and just don’t have time for, well….anything. Stress seems to be the new way of life for a lot of us. It’s almost like, if we are stressed, we are kicking goals. The more on our plates, the better we are as humans…or something like that. It’s like a silent ranking system we give ourselves to measure our success by. Like being run off our feet is our greatest accomplishment!

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