Eating Ice Cream with my bestie

A definite highlight of my month was meeting my new bestie (of course) Olivia Palermo. Olivia was in Australia for the 25th Anniversary of Magnum Ice Cream (also my bestie) and hosted a lovely dinner at Catalina Rose Bay – which I was lucky enough to attend.
Hanging with my new bestie (Photo: Instagram)

Hanging with my new bestie (Photo: Instagram)

These days, I choose hanging with my boys over going out on a school night but this event was one I just couldn’t turn down! It’s easy to see why Olivia has atttracted so much attention since her reality TV days – the girl is gorgeous, polite and oh-so-stylish! With a belly full of ice cream it would have been rude not to ask for a selfie with my new best  friend, right?  

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Stayin' Alive

Now that we’re parents to two beautiful and energetic boys, Guy and I have found ourselves even more protective than we already were of our sons. That’s why we decided to do a Home CPR class focusing on children’s health – and I seriously recommend it to any of you out there with young kids! Our instructor took us through all the steps involved with first aid and resuscitation, as well as the dangers for young kids and what do when in trouble. It also helps to pick a song with a high amount of BPM (Beats Per Minute) – so naturally Guy took this opportunity to sing.
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Just doing a CPR refresher course

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And my song choice? Push It by Salt ‘n Pepa – naturally…but rest assured amongst all the jokes we learned a lot of serious skills.

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World Vision


It is my great honour to be one of the ambassador’s for World Vision and last year I was able to visit Sri Lanka in a very special trip to see the wonderful work that they do overseas. Needless to say I came back more determined do my part to help those in need. See some pictures of the beautiful people of Sri Lanka and my experience with them.

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London Calling

IMG_3389 Highlights from a week in London to attend a family wedding. Scones, tea and black cabs. I’m in love.

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Samantha Jade - UP Image

Highlights and behind-the-scenes treats from my styling of Samantha Jade’s photoshoot for her single UP!

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The best dressed of the Logies according to Instagram

SBJ - Logies Header Image
As a stylist one of the best parts of my job is getting to spend hours (okay sometimes too many hours) pouring over the latest red carpet looks. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine and while it’s so easy for people to judge people based on their outfits, I know what really happens behind-the-scenes – sometimes it’s weeks, months of planning and pulling samples, consulting with designers and looking at trends before finally… the winning outfit is chosen. It can be a really exhaustive process!

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The only way is Up!

Dont-Forget-Pinterest I’ve been styling my gorgeous friend Samantha Jade for the past four years – and can I just say this girl gets more and more beautiful every time I see her! I first met Sammi about four years ago – actually Guy met her first on a random work trip almost a decade ago – but we really bonded when we were both living in Los Angeles. We have a mutual friend – Zac – who’s a great photographer and he wanted to take some shots for his portfolio. Well Sammi was there, I was there, so was Zac – so it made sense that I’d style her for this shoot for a bit of fun, and we had SO much fun… things could only go up from here!

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Tea for Tammy

Those who know me best know there’s two things that truly make me smile… giving back to the people who love and support me most and a GREAT cup of tea. So when the idea first came up to host a bridal shower for my beautiful friend Tammy I jumped at the chance to help set up the ultimate girl’s tea party for 20 of her friends and family.

Making the most of the final few weeks of sunlight before Winter hits us, I decided to make it a garden tea party. We’ve got one of those backyards that’s designed for a good party so it was a relief to finally use it for one!

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Welcome to my blog!

welcome-mat_210 Hello there! Welcome to my new blog and website! It’s no secret that one of my guilty pleasures is spending hours trawling through inspirational blogs looking at fantastic examples of creativity, inspirational men and women and of course, the latest fashion trends, so I’m very excited to finally (!) launch into the world with my very own blog. I’ll be updating this with the latest from my life as a stylist, wife and mother. If you’re not already connecting with me on social media please check out my official Facebook page, get my latest updates on Twitter and Instagram and follow my fashion and life mood boards on my official Pinterest page. Please feel free to drop me a line here with any posts or topics you’d like to see featured on this blog and if you have a product or service you’d like to put forward for editorial consideration please contact my team here. Hope you enjoy my blog – as much as I enjoy putting it together! Jules x

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