Our Sebastian Family Manifesto

I was inspired after reading the book, Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown, to write our family manifesto. I sat down with my husband and my 2 boys, and we came up with intentions we wanted around our home.

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Samantha Wills on Tea with Jules the PODCAST

Some of you might have already watched this episode of Samantha Wills on the channel, but here it is again in podcast form!

Samantha Wills is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. The first time I met her I was asked to style her for the cover of The Collective magazine. I was already a wreck with nerves come the day of shooting, but Samantha made the day so easy with her down to earth nature and cool, casual approach. Not to mention, the girl looks good in ANYTHING!

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Eleanor Pendleton on battling self doubt and finding true worth

Eleanor Pendleton is intimidatingly beautiful, insanely cool and just to top it off, she’s really, really, lovely. She is the brainchild behind the beauty site and online magazine grittypretty.com and has build a cult following amongst beauty lovers. The site is dedicated to all things make up, skin care and hair. It’s a stunning site – make sure you check it out.

Elle and I have has similar upbringings in terms of being raised in smaller towns by stay at home mum’s and stable families, but as we know, not everything is always smooth sailing in life. That’s what makes it beautiful. Elle shares her story on her rise to the top and the sacrifices she has had to make along the way to get there.

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Julia Zemiro on how being yourself can be your success

Julia Zemiro

You will recognise the wonderful Julia Zemiro from the telly. She is an actress, radio & television presenter, singer, writer and comedian. The gal can really do it all! Hosting shows like RocKwiz, Thank God You’re Here, Eurovision and Home Delivery, Julia has experience for days, and she is every bit the warm, friendly and funny woman you expect her to be.

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Sophie Dillman shares her life mission on Tea with Jules

Sophie Dillman is the real deal. A true salt of the earth kind of gal. I got to know Sophie sweating it out in the gym. Through our training I came to see that Sophie has a passion to influence others in a positive way. Body positivity has become her message. Rising to fame through her character Ziggy on Home & Away, she has had to learn, and sometimes the hard way, to accept and truly love herself. With so many eyes on her on and off the camera, Sophie’s hope is that women will look to her as a fit and strong girl who enjoys a balanced lifestyle.

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Six packing tips for an easy holiday.

Need some simple tricks of the travel trade? Heading overseas for a short trip and want the packing to be as smooth as a Qantas landing?

I have done my fair share of travelling over the years and have learnt some things the hard way. I’ve even left my passport at home and managed to make it home and back to the airport again before my plane took off!

Some travel blunders are completely not your fault (unlike said passport disaster), so it’s good to be extra prepared for all the ‘just in cases’ that travelling can throw your way.

I’ve put together my six top travel packing tips to help make getting ready for your holiday a lot more fun and stress free. I’m off on a trip myself this week, so I’ll be checking in on my own post to make sure I don’t miss a thing. Make sure you read right to the end so you can see the check list for carry on baggage!

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International Women’s Day

Jules Sebastian

Happy International Women’s Day to every woman. 

This day has made me reflect on what we as women bring to the table. I believe it’s all sorts of things at all sorts of times. Right now for me, this season has been about being with my kids and taking on the role of mother like never before. Some days I have never been happier sitting at swimming lessons, and making sure homework is complete, and other days I feel I should be doing and achieving more on a career front. Both are equally as important, but sometimes the balance leans far more in one direction than the other. I try hard not to see this as a pause in my life, but an investment far greater that I’ll ever know. 

My mission, is to give what life hands me my full force, no matter the season, and to be fully present, loving and kind in every situation (which I completely fail at sometimes, by the way!). Life has given me two beautiful boys to raise. My time has been well spent with them. I hope they see a woman who is every bit soft as she is strong. That they see that their Dad treats her with respect, consideration and encouragement. I hope they grow into men who love women the way they should be loved.

To women across the globe today-I salute you, I cheer you on and I celebrate you in whatever season you might find yourself in. 


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The untold stories of brave kids in Australia

‘Learning about food insecurity through the Sanitarium Good Start Breakfast Club has been an interesting and heartbreaking journey for me. To think about kids in this country going to school with no food in their tummies (and sometimes no lunch packed either), is a harrowing thought. I have found myself every morning, being very thankful for the packet of Weet-Bix in my pantry and that I am able to provide a nutritious breakfast for my kids on a daily basis. I absolutely do not take this for granted.

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