TEA WITH JULES – Ben Higgs, the battle with mental health and how we can make change

‘There’s no shame in asking for a hand. Accepting that you need help and asking for it is the brave part. Giving someone a hand is just as brave.’ Ben Higgs

Welcome back to Tea with Jules 2020. We continue on with the brave series, learning that bravery comes in all kinds of forms. Ben Higgs is the founder of The Rise Foundation. A foundation that exists to educate and teach the everyday practical tools we can use so people no longer have to suffer with mental illness or poor mental health.

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Hivita Liquivita for kids!

Late last year you might have seen a post I put up about HIVITA Liquivita for grownups. So many of you asked if there was one for kids….the answer is YES!

As mama of two busy boys I am very conscious ofgiving them their best chance at being strong and healthy. Along with being super active and eating a balanced diet I love to add Hivita Liquivita for Kids into their daily routine to fill the nutritional gaps.

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TEA WITH JULES with Angela Ceberano on anxiety, entrepreneurship and miscarriage

Angela Ceberano has been my friend for over a decade. We first met when my husband Guy signed to the music label BMG (later becoming Sony Music) after winning the very first Australian Idol! Ange was his assigned publicist at the label. The first thing I noticed about Ange was her Hollywood actress looks and her kind nature. I was very new to the world of the public eye, so anybody who showed me genuine kindness and was down to earth, I clung to! We grew closer over the years and it has been a pleasure to watch Ange blossom into the business mogul she is today.

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TEA WITH JULES with Leane Flynn on living with Ovarian Cancer

I first heard Leane Flynn speak at 2 events I attended earlier this year. Her story sparked inside of me an urgency to get her message out as far and wide as I could, so I invited her for tea. I’m grateful she came to willingly deliver what I think is vital information to women everywhere.

Leane was suddenly diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in April 2017. There were no obvious signs, no pain or convincing warnings that a large tumour was growing on each ovary and another tumour was growing between Leane’s diaphragm and liver. She had put her consistent bloating and frequent need to urinate down to menopause. After the appropriate surgery, she was diagnosed with Stage 3C advanced ovarian cancer.

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TEA WITH JULES – Rabia Siddique on Equal Justice PART 1


Continuing along with our brave series on Tea with Jules, I could not go past the story of my next guest. As we sat and shared our tea, I was more and more taken with her tale of courage, determination and passion. Rabia Siddique begins her story in suburban Perth growing up as a Muslim. Her life changed forever when she became the victim of abuse and decided at a very early that she wanted to dedicate herself to helping others access justice in a way that she wasn’t able to as a little girl.

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TEA WITH JULES – Alex Perilli on faith, coming out and finding himself.

Alex Perilli

My friend of over 3 decades, Alex Perilli joins me for this deeply connected conversation today. As some of you know about me, I grew up in a Pentecostal church in Adelaide. It’s a place that I hold very dear to me. It’s a place that helped mould me into the human I am today. The environment set me up with strong values and morals and a connection with God that I cherish and call upon daily. For me, it was a wonderfully positive experience where I made life long friends and even met my future husband!

It is in this church that I met Alex. A life of the party, talented and all round awesome guy. He is magnetic, kind, thoughtful and fun. We were instant friends (albeit – we were 5!), and have remained close since then. Unbeknownst to myself and our close knit community of friends, Alex was in a battle we never saw – a struggle with his sexuality.

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Focus on health

Over the last few years, as most of you who have been following along will attest to, I have really been prioritising my health. Committing to exercise on a regular basis, drinking lots of water, getting more sleep, working less hours, making time for more fun, spending quality time with my family and having a good skincare routine have all contributed to a more balanced, and all round healthier way of life. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels, my mood is better and I just feel like a better human!

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Carla Zampatti on Tea with Jules THE PODCAST, The Chronicles

To say it was an honour to have Carla Zampatti for tea is an understatement. With 50 years of fashion under her belt, Carla is the authority on style. Her designs transcend age and era. She is equally cool as she is elegant. To not throw this episode back as a Tea with Jules THE PODCAST, The Chronicles – would be a fashion crime!

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Quotes I Love

Don’t you just love a quote? In this video I explore a few of my favourite quotes I have read over the years that have really encouraged me and been sent to me via the universe at just the right time.

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