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At The Sebastian Foundation we are committed to helping families in need. We believe in the power of the family unit and are passionate about seeing the family bond strong and stable.

 As some of you might know, Guy and I have two little boys. Hudson and Archer. They are the light of our lives and most precious to us. We are so lucky that they are healthy little humans and other than them being born, we have not had to visit a hospital with them. I am grateful on a daily basis for their health and can only imagine how life altering it would be for us as a family if one of them took seriously ill.

A few weeks ago, Guy and I visited the oncology clinic in the children’s ward of Westmead Hospital to make a donation on behalf of the foundation and ICAP. To put it plainly, these kids are really sick. Some terminal, some mid treatment and some at the very early stages of being diagnosed with cancer. We were able to donate $32,307 to the Music Therapy Program, which helps tremendously with lifting the kid’s spirits through music. We know first hand what joy music can bring, so what better way to put a smile on the faces of the kids and parents than through song. Miriam and the team who run the Music Therapy program are some of the sweetest most positive people I have ever met, and what they do for those kids is nothing short of amazing. While we were there, Guy busted out a tune (something from Trolls of course!) to the kids and parents and it was a great morning.


 I couldn’t help but turn my attention to the kids and the mothers who are going through this tragic time of life. I spoke with one mother whose 8 year old daughter had been diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of this year and was in heavy treatment. She also had another daughter who had just started school this year. As I sat with her, I had the almighty revelation that this disease doesn’t choose. How is it ok for a 8 year old to have cancer? How is ok for anyone to have cancer? I sat in my chair and reflected on the beginning of my year with Hudson starting school. I have never been more emotional about a milestone in all my life. I cried for weeks after he started because I just couldn’t believe that my baby had grown this much. Not only was it emotional, but was also life altering. You go from care free home days to full out schedules, uniform, school lunches, reading, writing, rules, newsletters, meetings, parents and friends the list goes on and on. I felt quite overwhelmed with all of that going on for my family, then I realized I was face to face with a mother who was going through all of that and a child in treatment for cancer. The words are hard to find to explain exactly my feelings, but all I could think, was, we are the same. This could happen to any of us. We have to be grateful for what we have and we have to find more ways to give whatever we can to help others who are suffering.


This is the very reason Guy and I started The Sebastian Foundation. To help families in need. To make a difference, no matter how big or small. Our passion is to see less suffering, more wholeness and lots of generosity. This is why we visit and meet the people we give to, so we can see first hand exactly how the money helps. We can’t cure cancer, but we sure can help to put a smile on the face of someone who hasn’t smiled in a while. We’re about heart and helping and I’m so proud of what we have achieved so far.

To all the kids we met that day, we want to say that you are in our hearts and we are so proud of each and everyone one of you for being brave and fighting like little troopers. We hope the music helps to lift you and brings you a ray of sunshine in your day today!

If you would like to donate to The Sebastian Foundation to help families in need please click here – and thank you.

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