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This month, our family had the most amazing experience to be guests at beautiful Club Med Kani. The word paradise would be an understatement to describe the beauty of the Maldives. The place is spectacular. After a huge couple of years, we as a family were in need of some down time to chill and be together. This was just the place!

The Club Med vibe is totally awesome. The people are super friendly and go above and beyond to make sure your stay is a good time. The food and drink are endless as is the sunshine and relaxed feeling.

Most of our time was spent swimming in the pool and ocean, sprinkled with fun activities like sailing, surfing, biscuit rides, badminton, snorkelling, oh and eating!

The kids had the time of their lives and were taken with the ocean life that surrounded us as they swam. Although there is no kids club on the island, the staff are amazing with kids and there was plenty of activities for them to be a part of and enjoy.


By night, the island comes alive with it’s night life. We took part in a gorgeous lobster dinner on the beach, entertaining shows of skits, dancing and singing (Guy took the stage to sing a number or two!), and the beach side lounge.

On our last evening, the good people of Club Med sent Guy and I for a romantic night at Finolhu Villa. It was other worldly. Less occupied than Kani, we were able to sit, read, explore and just be. Each room has it’s own plunge pool and outdoor bath, so again, mind blown. A sneaky massage followed by a stunning dinner, had us almost deliriously relaxed. A brilliant end to our already amazing holiday.

Everywhere I turned was a photograph and we took plenty! Feast your eyes below for some of the moments we captured. It was truly a memorable holiday for us all.

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A special thanks to Club Med Kani and Club Med Finolhu for having us as guests. We loved every minute.

D R E S S E S / Paddo to Palmy

H A T / Seed Heritage

S W I M M E R S / Seafolly

P H O T O G R A P H Y / Guy and Jules Sebastian

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