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Everyday wear. It can be a tricky thing to conquer with all the activities we do in a day. Heels and pencil skirts can be impractical and flat shoes and ripped jeans are inappropriate for some occasions. I am lucky enough to own my own business, so I can set the dress code, but I still have to be comfortable enough to be with my kids, and look good enough to take a meeting. It’s a fine line but I have put together some tips to filling up your wardrobe with basics to nail it every time.Shoes – I can’t stress enough the importance of wearing shoes that don’t look like they have had a hard couple of years! Rotate sneakers on the regular and update your leather boots season to season. Replace the tips of your heels before they wear down to the ground so you don’t have to replace the whole shoe.


Jeans – If you work in a corporate job, jeans are a no, no, but for weekends you can unleash with any style you like. I would recommend having jeans in a style that suits your body shape and gather a few different colours. If you want to dress up an outfit, go for a darker denim. A lighter denim is more casual. If you venture down the ripped jeans path, like I have in these photo’s, try not to go overboard. Start with smaller holes and work your way into bigger rips! For those who don’t want their knees on display, stick to a nice tailored or skinny jean. The best part about jeans is their durability and comfort factor.


Hair and Make Up – always brings a little more glamour to an everyday look. For most of us, we are in a mad rush to get out the door in the morning, so spending time in the bathroom is low on the priority list. Adding a bright lip will give your face a lift and a quick curling wand through the hair can give bounce and body to your otherwise flat locks. You don’t need to spend hours – messy is sometimes key!


The extra mile – this is where most people fall over when putting an outfit together. We tend to lean on our staple, trusty prices that we know fit, look ok and do the job. I would encourage you to take a minute to think your outfit through for 5 extra minutes in the morning. Things like, adding a silk scarf (and thinking of different ways of wearing it), wearing a skirt instead of pants and choosing an unexpected fabric (like the leather shirt in this post) over something you already have in your wardrobe. Experiment with layering, textures and colour. The world is your oyster and your outfit is an extension and expression of who you are.


Bring options – I know it can be hard to think ahead, but having a few extra choices at your disposal throughout the day can be a lifesaver. Like today for example, I had a meeting this morning, then to the office, then straight to pick up Hudson from school. I wore a short sleeved shirt that I tucked into some slacks with a pair of pumps. When I finished my meeting, untucked my shirt (looks good both ways!), and pulled out a flat pair of brogues from my bag which I brought from home. I popped a coloured lipstick and a clear gloss in my handbag to update my lipstick for the office, but changed it over for the school pick up! It’s sometimes the simple things that can make your outfit appropriate for your situation, then comfortable for the rest of the day without having to change your whole look!


If you have any tips of your own for dressing for ever day, I would love to hear them in the comments below.


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