Julia Zemiro on how being yourself can be your success

Julia Zemiro

You will recognise the wonderful Julia Zemiro from the telly. She is an actress, radio & television presenter, singer, writer and comedian. The gal can really do it all! Hosting shows like RocKwiz, Thank God You’re Here, Eurovision and Home Delivery, Julia has experience for days, and she is every bit the warm, friendly and funny woman you expect her to be.


I first met Julia when my husband Guy ventured off to Vienna for Australia’s very first entry into Eurovision where Julia was hosting along side Sam Pang. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more fun time in all my life! It’s an experience that will stay with me forever. What I noticed about Julia from that trip was her commitment to the job. She was so professional and brilliant at what she does.


Her most recent role has seen her become the Artistic Director for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival – the world’s largest cabaret festival – go Adelaide – who knew?! It’s a role she is very proud of and you can see she is having a ball being involved.


At the core of this already very impressive human, is a smart, endearing woman who really knows who she is. She has held her position in career and life by empowering others in her industry, saying no even when it’s hard to, and showing up to every job and situation just as she is – her true authentic self.


She was all in on our conversation. Her offering was generous and honest and I learned so many life lessons just listening to her. I had an absolute hoot chatting with Julia – I could have honestly stayed all day.


Here is Julia Zemiro for Tea with Jules.


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