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I’m not good a relaxing. I’m a doer. I do things. Constantly. Do. Do. Do. I’m a calm human, but I find it really hard to sit my butt down! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends how you look at it!), there is always something to be done. A woman’s work is never finished, like, never. So, something I’m working on, is relaxing! As ridiculous as it might seem, sometimes we have to schedule in time to do, well, nothing!  Relaxing is vital to our well being. Our bodies minds and spirits benefit from taking a little bit of time to refocus, rejuvenate and zen out. Here are some hot tips on doing some little things to relax! And relax….it doesn’t take up too much time!

1. Have a cup of tea (ok, ok, or coffee)

As we all know, I’m a tea drinker and there have been many, many times I have brewed up a beautiful cup for myself, and it’s gone stone cold because of distractions and stuff that overtake the moment. These days I’m trying to and sit (not stand or multitask!) and drink and finish my hot drink. It’s only a 10 minute exercise, but one where I’m are forced to stop, enjoy and just be.

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2. Take a walk (or run..depending on your vibe!).

It’s been said a million times over, but being outside and getting your body moving is the best way to clear your mind and feel revitalised. Being in the natural elememets, having a minute of alone time (or at least pushing the pram with your kid looking at the outside world!) and getting your body moving will reset you for the day.

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3. Read a chapter/section/paragraph.

I love reading, but as time has gone on, I’ve become less of a finisher of books. Instead of feeling bad about that, sometimes I pull out a book I have been wanting to read and read a chapter. Or, I’ll pull out that magazine I bought 2 months ago, and read a section I am really wanting to know about. Otherwise, I’ll find a motivating/self help book and marinate on a paragraph for 10 minutes and really let it sink in. I feel better for having done something I love to do and have a little bit more knowledge that I did when I woke up that morning!

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4. Got a favourite song or podcast?

Sometimes I find myself alone in my car on my way to and from appointments or picking the up the kids. This is the perfect opportunity to turn off the banter of the radio or the Wiggles, and listen to something I really love. I’m a huge fan of podcasts, but music is my other love too. Sometimes I take it back in time to an era that all my fav songs came out and belt out a tune or two. It creates a space to think thoughts and remember some fun times in life!

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5. Do nothing. Terrifying right?

Ha! It’s not as hard as it may seem. Set yourself a time limit (even if it’s 5 minutes!) and put your phone in another room, close the door, close your eyes, put you head on the pillow (whatever works for you) and tune out the world. Let your mind wonder and imagine. Think about your next holiday or something fun you have planned coming up. Let yourself be taken with your own thoughts and feelings. Let it out, then get on with your day.

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6. The silly season doesn’t have to be silly!

 With the crazy of the Christmas season upon us, it is easy to be surrounded with a constant flow of people and loved ones and let’s face it, a bit of chaos! If you feel like you need a second, volunteer to go and get the milk at the shops, or go and wash your face and brush your hair in the bathroom. Sneak a little second in to spend a little time with yourself. You’ll appreciate your people a whole lot more when you do!

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Tell me in the comments below what do you do to relax? Give me your tips so I can try them too!

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