How to keep it casual and still be trending

I do love a casual look, and leading into the weekend there is no better way to dress. I’m a sucker for comfortable, affordable fashion that you can freely live your life in. There can sometimes be a fine line between casual and sloppy and it’s easy on somedays to fall into the latter.

In this post you’ll find 3 different ways to wear a blazer, how to dress down tweed and how to toughen up the ever famous Little Black Dress. With just a little bit of extra thought into what you put on as your casual wear, you really can be comfortable and stylish all at once!

Enjoy! x

B L A Z E R 3 ways

Off the shoulder – Not always practical while carrying children, but never the less its a chic way to carry your blazer without actually putting it on.


Over the shoulder – Balancing the blazer over the shoulder is a trend that every farrrrshionista has been known to do. I’m not sure why it has become so popular (if someone figures it out – please let me know!), but we’re all doing it and loving ourselves sick!


Actually wearing the blazer – Ahhh, the age old trick of putting your arms in both holes and wearing as a jacket…does anyone remember doing this?! He he. Try doing the button up to cinch in the waist or undo it to give a more casual feel.

Stripes 2_MG_0708_FINAL

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B L A Z E R  /  T O P   / J E A N S / B A G / S A N D L E S 


Tweed is is back in a big way. The throwback to the 70’s has been a powerful trend on the international catwalks this season. Tweed has a way of making you feel sophisticated and expensive. You don’t have to go top to toe tweed or spend a fortune to work the trend. I’ve paired it with some flared jeans and a white top to bring it down to casual.





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J A C K E T / T O P / J E A N S / B O O T S / N E C K L A C E

The  L I T T L E   B L A C K   D R E S S

A Little Black Dress (LBD) will always be in fashion, but it doesn’t always have to be the one you save for a night out. You can toughen up even the sweetest of dresses with a pair of biker boots and a leather shoulder bag. It takes you from girl next door, to girl riding away on the back of a motorbike. BOOM!





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D R E S S / B A G / B O O T S 

Photographer / Julie Healy

Hair & Make Up / Wayne Chick

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