Focus on health

Over the last few years, as most of you who have been following along will attest to, I have really been prioritising my health. Committing to exercise on a regular basis, drinking lots of water, getting more sleep, working less hours, making time for more fun, spending quality time with my family and having a good skincare routine have all contributed to a more balanced, and all round healthier way of life. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels, my mood is better and I just feel like a better human!

Another thing I’ve added into my everyday routine is a good dose of vitamins. As a busy working Mum of 2 small children I need something that is fast, easy and simple to slot into the morning chaos. I’ve started taking Vitamin C, a Women’s Multi Vitamin and something new I’ve discovered is HIVITA LiquiVita.

It comes in liquid form and can be taken by the spoonful (it’s tropical fruit flavour so tastes like a delicious mango and passionfruit delight), or as I like to most mornings, add it to my smoothie. It’s packed with 30 active ingredients to help support vitality, energy, immune function, healthy teeth, gums and skin, and our response to stress. It also helps with digestion and absorbs easily! 

I notice an added spring in my step and I’m more level headed during the day when I take it. When it’s this simple to take and gives me health benefits – I’m all IN.



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