Eleanor Pendleton on battling self doubt and finding true worth

Eleanor Pendleton is intimidatingly beautiful, insanely cool and just to top it off, she’s really, really, lovely. She is the brainchild behind the beauty site and online magazine grittypretty.com and has build a cult following amongst beauty lovers. The site is dedicated to all things make up, skin care and hair. It’s a stunning site – make sure you check it out.

Elle and I have has similar upbringings in terms of being raised in smaller towns by stay at home mum’s and stable families, but as we know, not everything is always smooth sailing in life. That’s what makes it beautiful. Elle shares her story on her rise to the top and the sacrifices she has had to make along the way to get there.

What I love about Eleanor is that she is raw and honest and doesn’t hide behind anything shiny (except for maybe her immaculate skin!)– she is so real about what life looks like. It’s imperfect, it’s messy and she is very aware that everybody is fighting their own silent battles. She has fought her own battles, with confidence and self worth that she was so brave to talk about with me.

I never take for granted the exchange that happens when I am chatting with someone. People’s stories are precious and I try to handle them all with care. Eleanor is no exception. She is insanely loveable, so very smart and has a determination to change the world for the better.

Go grab your cuppa and enjoy this heartfelt conversation.


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