Breeze your day

In this blog post I thought I would take you through a day in the life of preparing and filming for episodes of Tea with Jules. They are honestly some of the most enjoyable days and I always come away feeling inspired by peoples stories. But, along with the fun of filming comes a lot of hard work! There are hours of time that go into bringing the show to life each fortnight, and to make filming day easy breezy. Here’s how.. Pol

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Westfield Sydney x Vivid


For anyone who has been to vivid in the past, you know it is an absolute must see. The city of Sydney literally lights up and comes alive with people coming to see the spectacular sights. Another must see part of vivid are the installations at Westfield, Pitt Street Mall.

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Profit for Purpose

Song Kitchen YMCA NSW

Image credit: Song Kitchen

You all know I’m a big believer in kindness. Being kind is simple and can make a huge difference in the lives of people around you. One of the reasons Guy and I started The Sebastian Foundation is because we are passionate about demonstrating kindness. We are especially passionate about creating a positive impact in the lives of families experiencing serious illness, domestic violence or those living in underprivileged situations.

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Show us your scrubs

I love celebrating people who do great things in the world. And now, with thanks to NNT, I have the chance to spend some time with a special person who works in the healthcare field. For this very important person, they will receive a styling session followed by a yummy lunch with me! It’s really simple to enter, so keep reading to find out how. Anyone who dedicates their career to caring for others, qualifies as a person who does great things in the world and deserves a day shopping and lunching!

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Interior Styling Tips with Emma Blomfield

emma Emma Blomfield is on a mission: To help us make our homes look pretty! With an E-Decorating Service and a Decorating School under her belt, Emma is now showering us with more home styling glory with her latest project – a book! It’s simply called HOME and  it’s a must have. Not only does it look pretty impressive on the book shelf (she’ll show you how to place it just so), but it’s also full of pretty illustrations and practical advice and so we too can have beautiful homes.

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My Career Story

Ivy College

I’ve never been the girl who always knew what she wanted to do with her life. I’ve always wished I was, but it just wasn’t my path. So, how do you know what your path is, when to stray from it, (or when to throw away the map entirely and create your own?) Ivy College challenged me to tell my career story, so today I will talk about my unique career path; including some surprising facts about myself! I hope that it will give everyone some insights and inspire you to reach for your goals!

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1 couch 3 different ways

If you are a fan of Tea with Jules, you will notice we have been a little bit sneaky with the couch our guests sit on! We’ve used the same couch on a lot of the sets but put a spin on the styling of it in 3 different ways.


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