Hivita Liquivita for kids!

Late last year you might have seen a post I put up about HIVITA Liquivita for grownups. So many of you asked if there was one for kids….the answer is YES!

As mama of two busy boys I am very conscious ofgiving them their best chance at being strong and healthy. Along with being super active and eating a balanced diet I love to add Hivita Liquivita for Kids into their daily routine to fill the nutritional gaps.

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Focus on health

Over the last few years, as most of you who have been following along will attest to, I have really been prioritising my health. Committing to exercise on a regular basis, drinking lots of water, getting more sleep, working less hours, making time for more fun, spending quality time with my family and having a good skincare routine have all contributed to a more balanced, and all round healthier way of life. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels, my mood is better and I just feel like a better human!

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Six packing tips for an easy holiday.

Need some simple tricks of the travel trade? Heading overseas for a short trip and want the packing to be as smooth as a Qantas landing?

I have done my fair share of travelling over the years and have learnt some things the hard way. I’ve even left my passport at home and managed to make it home and back to the airport again before my plane took off!

Some travel blunders are completely not your fault (unlike said passport disaster), so it’s good to be extra prepared for all the ‘just in cases’ that travelling can throw your way.

I’ve put together my six top travel packing tips to help make getting ready for your holiday a lot more fun and stress free. I’m off on a trip myself this week, so I’ll be checking in on my own post to make sure I don’t miss a thing. Make sure you read right to the end so you can see the check list for carry on baggage!

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Why I love voeu naturals

I could not have been more excited when voeu Skincare told me they were working on a Naturals range! Even though I love the core range and use it daily, I was interested in trying out something that used naturally derived ingredients.

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Winter Skin Care Tips

Ahhhh winter! Remind me why we love it again?! I can name a few things that I do love about the cooler months….electric blankets, open fire and endless warm mugs of tea. On the flip side we are talking…soggy umbrella’s, freezing Saturday mornings watching soccer and dry, chapped skin! Although I can’t do much to help your umbrella watching soccer situation, I can however, offer some fun facts on keeping your skin silky smooth and soft in the winter months.

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Back to school lunchbox love

As much as I love a long break over summer, there is something really great about getting back into the routine of life! I’m a pretty organised person and I love a schedule, so getting the kids back to school and myself back to work has been a welcome change to endless days of doing, well, not a lot really!

As we all know as parents, packing the school lunch box can be one that requires time and thought if we want our kids to eat a balanced healthy meal. I like to keep life simple so when something like H2Coco comes along in a kids lunch box size – I’m in! My kids love the different flavours and they see it as a treat – which is a win win for us as it’s a healthy, hydrating, gluten, dairy free drink, free of preservatives or artificial nasties.

It’s convenient to pick up from your local supermarket and it’s peace of mind knowing you are sending your kids back to school with a healthy alternative.

I hope your back to school routines are serving you well so far and that you give H2Coco a try for kids too!

  *This post is a sponsored post for H2Coco.

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Summer Reads

Summer Reads

Did anybody else struggle getting through their summer reading list?

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A new lunchbox favourite


I feel like lunchbox packing should be added to every parents resume. It takes some serious skill to get that box to come home empty every. single. day.  Believe me, I am not a master of the lunchbox quite yet, I’m early days. Hudson has only started Kindy this year, so I have years of refining ahead of me. Like, years.

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