Want to WIN $1000 to spend at next.com.au? Here's your chance!

I do love a give away – it makes me feel a little like Oprah, and if you can feel a little like Oprah at any point of your life, I say take the chance and go for it! Thanks to next you have the chance to win a gift voucher worth $1000 to spend on their site. You can choose to spend it on anything on the site – kids clothes, your better half or you could just go ahead and spoil yourself and splurge the whole thing on yourself! Consider it a late Christmas pressie!

It’s really simple to win. If you haven’t already, sign up to my blog (you can do that on the homepage) and tell me why you should win this prize in the comment box via the blog or Facebook. Done – good luck! Starts now and the winner will be announced February 3rd.

With all that said, let me tantalise you with some of the cutie pie stuff you can get from next. This is the kids clothes edition so, if you are a mum, dad, aunty, uncle or know any child whatsoever, be prepared to SHOP UP A STORM right now. It’s the best. I have tried and tested many styles and they wash well, play well and last for ages. You can check out my little angel Hudson in some of his threads below – just keep scrolling.

Enjoy and don’t forget to enter the competition to win $1000 gift voucher! Boys 1

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Monochrome magic for kids

Monochrome. You had me at monochrome. All day, ever day I want the world to wear monochrome.

When it comes to dressing my 2 boys, I tend to lean heavily in the black, white and grey direction. Call it safe, but it’s fail safe.

The trick is to find cool, interesting designs to make the lack of colour come to life. There are no rules to dressing your babies, that is the best part! I’ve found some amazing brands (some tried and tested!) who do the sweetest, swaggiest, monochrome magic to make your kids look well put together while still keeping their kid factor.

Adam + Yve

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.05.57 pm

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I've found the perfect prints for your kids

I love discovering new cool homewares for kids – and I’ve made a discovery! Keton Kids make gorgeous prints for kids rooms and they come in the most amazing colours, designs and quotes. So cute in fact, that I own  two for my boys. Hudson loves the movie The  Wizard of Oz, so he has the Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh My! print and Archer has the sling shot – so cute!

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.01.15 pm

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Playkids App…Kids and Technology!


Being a mum of 2, and one that likes to shower, drink hot tea and travel on planes and in cars in peace with my kids, I have found that engaging and educational apps can be a savior at times for a moment of quiet! A few months ago I was asked to become the ambassador for an app called PlayKids and so, to decide whether to personally represent the app, I started investigating and found – to my surprise – that I already had the PlayKids app on my phone! I realised it was the same app that my 3 year old Hudson already really enjoyed playing with.

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QV Baby & Kids


I was a little bit excited when I discovered that QV was doing a baby/kids range of body products. I was already a huge fan of their adult Face Moisturising Day cream and used it frequently on myself and my clients when I did their make up. It works on all skin types, has SPF 30+ protection, it’s pH-balanced, it’s low on the irritant, free from fragrance, colour and lanolin and isn’t greasy.

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Baby Bag


As a mother of 2 very young children it is hugely important to have a baby bag that carries the truck load of paraphernalia that goes along with having kids, it’s a bonus when it’s stylish too – I have found the bag!

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