Quotes I Love

Don’t you just love a quote? In this video I explore a few of my favourite quotes I have read over the years that have really encouraged me and been sent to me via the universe at just the right time.

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Books I LOVE

Who loves books?! ME!

I wanted so share a sneak peek into some of the books I have read that have really helped propelled me forward in my personal and professional life.

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My Vision Board Inspiration


I’m naturally a dreamer but never really felt the need for a vision board. That all changed after I met psychology student, Chelsea Pottenger. I was so inspired by our chat that I not only went away and made my own, I had to make this video and share my journey with you. Watch it in full, below.

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Our Sebastian Family Manifesto

I was inspired after reading the book, Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown, to write our family manifesto. I sat down with my husband and my 2 boys, and we came up with intentions we wanted around our home.

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International Women’s Day

Jules Sebastian

Happy International Women’s Day to every woman. 

This day has made me reflect on what we as women bring to the table. I believe it’s all sorts of things at all sorts of times. Right now for me, this season has been about being with my kids and taking on the role of mother like never before. Some days I have never been happier sitting at swimming lessons, and making sure homework is complete, and other days I feel I should be doing and achieving more on a career front. Both are equally as important, but sometimes the balance leans far more in one direction than the other. I try hard not to see this as a pause in my life, but an investment far greater that I’ll ever know. 

My mission, is to give what life hands me my full force, no matter the season, and to be fully present, loving and kind in every situation (which I completely fail at sometimes, by the way!). Life has given me two beautiful boys to raise. My time has been well spent with them. I hope they see a woman who is every bit soft as she is strong. That they see that their Dad treats her with respect, consideration and encouragement. I hope they grow into men who love women the way they should be loved.

To women across the globe today-I salute you, I cheer you on and I celebrate you in whatever season you might find yourself in. 


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A good reminder.

PatienceA good reminder.

Sometimes we just need to be ok with our mistakes, insecurities and learnings. Things often don’t go how we wish or want and we are just waiting for ourselves to catch up with why. 

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On this day of international happiness – I got to thinking about just that – happiness. A simple word but a complex feeling. The quest for happiness is a lifelong one and one that we are all on. Most parents say the most important thing they want for their kids, is for them to be happy. It’s the dream. The goal. The mission. Everyone has sad and hard days, some sadder and harder than others. The human spirit has relentless stamina and I am always amazed with what it can endure.

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4 Podcasts to lend your ear to

For anyone who has talked to me in the last 6 months, you would know I’m obsessing on podcasts right now! It’s a great way to download positivity and inspiration into my day without making extra time in my day to do it. I usually put one on in the car on my way to the office or picking up the kids. I’ve selected a few of my fav’s below if you feel like some inspiring interviews, fun facts and life hacks. OH – and as we speak we are working on a Tea with Jules podcast for those who are asking! Should be coming really soon – so watch out for that.

Enjoy! PODCAST 4

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