A new lunchbox favourite


I feel like lunchbox packing should be added to every parents resume. It takes some serious skill to get that box to come home empty every. single. day.  Believe me, I am not a master of the lunchbox quite yet, I’m early days. Hudson has only started Kindy this year, so I have years of refining ahead of me. Like, years.

BUT, how great is it when you find something that ticks all the parental boxes?! Less sugar, a healthy alternative and totally kid approved. Tick, tick, tick, boom! H2Coco have come up with a nifty range of lunch box sized drinks for the little ones. And, here’s some more good stuff, it’s 100% natural, gluten and dairy free and no GMO’s. More ticks!

Best part of all of this for me (selfishly!) is my fussy little 3 year old, who searches for hidden carrots to pick out of food and will only eat apples (arghhh!), LOVES this drink! Whoop! Troperiffic is the hot favourite.

Check out the whole range here 


 * Sponsored post by H2Coco.

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