A letter to women

Michelle Obama Quote Dear women, Today I celebrate you. All of you. I celebrate those who have woken up 5 or more times before the sun came up. Those who feel alone. To those who feel lost and have lost, you are celebrated today. To those who feel forgotten, unloved and just not good enough. For those who didn’t feel like getting up today, but did anyway. To the girls who went to school and university to learn to create a better future. To the mothers, mothers to be and the mothers who’ve lost. You are heroes. To the women who fight for each other. To those who are focused on career and climb the ladder. To those who work to pay the bills. To the housewives. To those who see the wonder in everything. To the encouragers, the cheerleaders and those who support. To those who set the bar and lead the way. For the women who stay the path, run the race and get in the ring. To those who defend our country and protect our lives. To those who see the silver lining and never give up. You are celebrated. To those who create beautiful things. Those who entertain and make us laugh. To those who wear high heels every day. To those who don’t. To the readers, the researchers, the writers and the teachers. To friends, lovers and family. To every wonderful woman. Today is your day. Be celebrated and know that you are special, brave and loved. Happy International Women’s Day Women. You deserve more than a day. You deserve the whole dang year and a piece of cake.


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