5 Minutes with Dance and Fitness Guru Danielle Peazer


Danielle Peazer is a girl on fire! She is a fitness guru, a blogger and has danced for some of the best music artist in the world. She is the new face of boohooFIT and spends 5 minutes with me to chat all things fitness, active wear anyhow to incorporate fast work outs into our busy lives.

You juggle a lot of balls in your life, where does all your energy come from?!

I have always done jobs that I’ve been really passionate about and I think that’s what has enabled me to fit so much in and still want to keep going! This is just the beginning. 

The list of people you have danced for is super impressive. It includes Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Leona Lewis,  Ellie Goulding, Kylie the list goes on and on. Have you had any dancing career highlights or a memorable moment that will live with you forever?

 Being on stage with Justin Timberlake will be a life long memory.  I loved *NSYNC when I was younger so meeting Justin and performing with him was a childhood dream come true!

 What is it about performing that you love?

I love the energy from the crowd.  My favourite is live performances rather than TV.  It’s such an amazing buzz that is quite hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it.

Do you have a favourite style of dance you like performing?

I trained classically so I have always enjoyed ballet but now I love commercial, I’m quite a girly dancer so enjoy dancing in heels with a feminine element to it.

What’s a simple dance move that even the worst dancer can do on the dance floor?!

Everyone can do a 2 step – it’s literally just ‘step, tap, step, tap’ so simple! 

You have recently made a trip down under to shoot the new boohooFIT campaign, what did you love most about Australia?

I loved the people, everyone was so friendly and it put me in such a great mood to be around people who give off such a positive energy. 

You have a huge social media following, how did this come about and how has it changed your life?

It hasn’t changed my life too much.  I get some nice things from brands that I like and get invited to some great events but I try to use Instagram and Twitter like everyone else, to document my day or certain things I get up to with friends or at work. 

You have a blog called idlelane.com which covers fashion and beauty, what do you love about blogging?

I love meeting other bloggers.  The blogging world is quite big and there are so many types of blog that I feel like mine could get lost in it all but when I meet someone who says ‘oh I know your blog’ it’s such a great feeling! 

What is your best tip or trick for someone wanting to enter the online space?

Be original.  Don’t try and be someone else, it’s too hard to fake a personality, just be yourself and you will attract the right audience. 

The work out videos on You Tube are so great. Health and fitness are pretty much  your life, how do you incorporate that into your everyday?

I’m a pretty active person an always running late anyway so am usually jogging or sprinting to work or a meeting!  But I also do workouts at home, just 5 or 10 minutes when I get the chance.

 What is your best fitness tip for busy people on the go? 

Keep it short and sweet and focus on areas of the body that you want to improve. 

How important are work out clothes? What are some key pieces in the boohooFIT range?

It’s so important to wear good workout clothes.  boohooFIT have got it spot on in my opinion because they’re stylish and fashionable but are still comfy and great value.  I love the prints on some of the pieces and the mesh inserts keep them looking so cool. You can buy the new boohooFIT collection online here

What can we expect to see in the future for Danielle Peazer?

I’m just working on doing as much as I can.  I work with a great YouTube channel to post regular fitness and dance videos (ICON UK) and am going to continue with Idle Lane for as long as people are interested!


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