5 mins with Kate Holroyd – Senior Stylist for boohoo.com

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For those of you who have watched any episodes of my You Tube show, Tea with Jules, you would know I am very interested in getting to know how people get to where they get in their industry. I had the pleasure of 5 mins with Kate Holroyd, Senior Stylist at boohoo.com and she has given me the low-down on what it takes to be a stylist for a fast paced empire brand!

Hi Kate! Thanks for joining me on the blog! In a nutshell, can you explain your role with boohoo.com

 In a nutshell my role within Boohoo is Senior Stylist. I work on the Creative shoots including TV campaigns, Infomercials and Splash shoots. Steering the image for the styling on our website and influencing the ecomms gallery.

Boohoo has over 3 million active customers…WOW – do you ever feel the pressure of getting every look you put together ‘right’ for the customer? 

I’d be lying if I said I never felt any pressure! But because I’ve grown with the company, I really feel like I’ve been on the journey with our customer. So I feel confident in what I think our Customers want!

You travel quite a bit with your job, doing a lot of international shoots – give us the low down – is it really as glamorous as it looks?

It definitely isn’t as glamorous as you would imagine! Majority of the time you’re running around with a sweaty forehead covered in pins and tape! It’s nonstop and really hard work but it’s such a fab experience, I wouldn’t change it for the world! I love the adrenaline that you get working on these shoots and as you can imagine it never gets boring as every trip is so different! It’s so rewarding when you see all the images together afterwards!

How passionate are you about affordable fashion?

Affordable fashion is so important! It allows us to be on trend but without the price tag, which for me is more desirable, especially when it means you can get more for your money! It would be rude not to right?! Even the celebs embrace affordable fashion. At the Met ball for instance, where most celebs opt for high price designs, Emily Ratajowski was seen in a Topshop number. Similarly Hailey Baldwin took the same approach with a H&M dress, proving that you can still look high end without it costing you a fortune!

 As a stylist myself, I understand the quick turn around of fashion and how it is ever changing. How fast do you have to move with the current trends and how far ahead of the season are you preparing for shoots?

 Yes, everything is such a quick turn around and you really have to react to the current trends coming through. We’re preparing for shoots months ahead. It’s really fast pace and we are constantly turning over shoots!

What is your most favourite part of your job?

Travelling, in the way that they are great new experiences every time! But also   getting excited about the new trends coming through! Looking for styling inspiration for upcoming shoots and just being able to be creative every day.

Describe your personal style. 

My personal style is fairly relaxed and simple consisting of a lot of black in my wardrobe lol. I will nod to trends but in a stripped back kind of way… I have to be comfy when I’m on set as I’m always running around. I do enjoy a good pair of culottes and trainer combo and I love loose layers!

Any words of wisdom for upcoming fashionista’s looking to get into the fashion industry?

Words of wisdom are just to get yourself out there! Noticed for the right reasons and not the wrong ones. You want to leave someone with a good impression of your work! Also having a good attitude and work ethic goes a long way. Make yourself available and really give it 100%, it will pay off! Go to a job with enthusiasm and a bit of research behind the brand, that will always go down well!

What trends to you see coming up for Autumn/Winter in Australia?

For me, one trend would have to be metallic! As high shine metallic and luxe embellishments were all over the runways, from sexy 70’s to paired down use of Sequins at Louis Vuitton! Another big one has to be 70’s folklore, embracing your inner hippie this winter! Think paisley prints, tassels and fringing!

What is your favourite thing to wear?

I love wearing trainers. As in my job I’m always running around so they’re so practical as well as giving my look a cool relaxed vibe!

Do you drink tea….if so…what is your flavour?

I love tea!! I have traditional breakfast tea fairly strong, with a dash of milk and like 3 heaped sugars ha! Not the healthiest option I admit, but I can’t have it any other way!

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