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Established in late 2013, Guy and Jules Sebastian began The Sebastian Foundation. Based on an understanding of the positive impact a strong family unit can have on both individuals and the community, The Sebastian Foundation aims to provide a bit of the warmth and benefit of family where it might be missing through disadvantage, serious illness or domestic violence.

The Foundation collaborates with like-minded partners and charities on a project by project basis. Examples of work the Foundation has done in recent years include donating sleeper beds to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead so families can stay together through treatment, creating playroom / office environments, gardens and kitchens in several shelters which has had an incredible impact on the quality of life of women and families within the shelter environment, music therapy programs and several mentoring programs for young girls and employment mentoring for girls within the shelter environment.

Focus is currently on plans and opportunities to improve several Domestic Violence crisis accommodation centres to make them more like a home rather than simply a roof over their heads and continued support of the mentoring programs we work on. Further, Jules and The Foundation are working with the Minister for Social Housing on possibilities for reform in the way women and families escaping domestic violence will be sheltered, driving change which will have a long reaching and deep impact.

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