Why I love a suit


I’ve always loved suits. Blazers are kinda my thing. I love how they bring structure and shape to a whole outfit and it’s a simple way to dress up a more casual look. Put it together with a pair of suit pants, and it’s instant classic goodness.

Here’s why I love them so.

Comfortable.  Can move. Can work. Can carry a child. Can bust a move on the dance floor if need be.


Right for any occasion. You name it and you can wear a suit to it.


Heels and flats. A longer legged suit will look best with a heel, but if it’s cropped pants you love, then a flat loafer or court shoe will be your best choice.


Classic. A suit is always a simply classy option that will stand the test of time.


Affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to wear a suit. There are many affordable options that look just as great as the investment pieces.


Power and confidence. There is something about a suit that makes you walk a little taller and feel a little more powerful. Even if it’s just a feeling, sometimes that’s the game changer to your day.


Suits suit everybody. No matter your shape, there is a suit out there for you. Try different cuts and styles to find one that fit’s. Look for shoulder width, length of jacket, waist and length of pants. All these must add up to a suit that fits perfectly.


Neutrals and colour. Depending on your preference a suit can be used to blend into the office space, or stand out at an event. It’s all about what you love and how you wear it.


J A C K E T / Carla Zampatti

P A N T S / Carla Zampatti

E A R R I N G S / Carla Zampatti

S H O E S / Senso

P H O T O G R A P H Y / Johnny Nicolaidis

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One thought on “Why I love a suit

  1. Suits you down to the ground….lol I love it when you dress in a more fitted style as you can get away with classic chic …….Anything that is loose and too long etc doesn’t do you justice…..Love this outfit…..and those shoes….

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